How to create a quick reply

Quick replies Quick replies serve as predefined responses aimed at efficiently managing frequently asked questions.

How to connect an Instagram page

Connecting Instagram Grasp simplifies the management of your Instagram Direct messages and story replies by

How to add an internal comment or call log

Add a comment Comments can be used to save and share customer or case related

How to setup a spam filter

Setting up a spam filter Log in to Grasp and go to this link or

How can I take over a locked conversation?

Take over a locked conversation “When a user clicks the ‘Reply‘ button in a case,

How to setup business hours?

Setup business hours Setting up business hours gives your team extra possibilities and flexibility in

Do you offer a mobile app?

Do you offer a mobile app? Yes, we certainly do! Our mobile app enables your

How to set up an auto-reply or welcome Message

Setup your auto reply message An automated welcome message can be essential for managing customer

How to create workflow rules

Creating workflow rules In every customer service process there are these small pesky tasks that

How to configure the AI configuration

Configure AI settings Our AI integration can be a powerful tool to enhance efficiency and