How to set up an auto-reply or welcome Message

Table of Contents

Setup your auto reply message

An automated welcome message can be essential for managing customer expectations regarding your business hours and response time, and it’s a tool relied upon by most companies. In this article, we will explain how to set up an auto-reply or welcome message for any of your communication channels.¬†

Since an auto-reply is essentially a simple workflow, follow these steps to configure it in Grasp:

1. Logging into Grasp:

– Go to
–¬†Alternatively, click on your initials in the upper-left corner of your inbox, then navigate to “Settings,” “Automation,” and finally, “Workflows.”

2. Creating a new workflow:

– Within Grasp, you will find a list of existing workflows that you’ve configured. To create a new one, click on the icon at the top.

3. Defining Your Workflow:

  • Name: This is the identifier for your workflow. Since it’s a welcome message, we recommend naming it “Welcome Message.”
  • When: This is the initial trigger that sets your workflow in motion. Select “When conversation is started” to ensure your welcome message triggers after receiving the first message of a new conversation.
  • If: This component allows you to further refine your trigger by adding additional variables that must be met for the workflow to activate. For an auto-reply, select “if channel is.” Then, choose the specific channel(s) for which you want to activate the auto-reply. If your auto-reply should be configured for more than a single channel, click on “+ OR condition” to create an IF trigger for each of the channels.
  • Then: With this component, you define the desired outcome or action of the workflow when the ‘when’ and individual ‘if’ conditions are met. Select “reply with message.” You will then be prompted to fill in the content of your auto-reply message. Ensure that you include your company name, business hours, and average response times to manage client expectations effectively.

4. Saving your rule:
– Press “Create rule” to save your auto-reply message configuration.

You have now successfully configured your auto-reply message in Grasp.