How to create workflow rules

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Creating workflow rules

In every customer service process there are these small pesky tasks that you wish you could automate. For example: adding labels to cases, routing specific cases (depending on certain variables) to a specific team member or department or closing those cases your team can ignore. With our workflow feature, you can build custom workflows that automate all these small but time consuming tasks, allowing your team to be more productive and efficient while serving clients at an even faster rate!

To create new workflows login into Grasp and go to:

or click on your initials in the left upper corner of your inbox, go to ”settings”, ”automation‘ and then to ”workflows”.

Grasp will at this point present you a list of existing workflows you configured. Press the icon at the top to create a new workflow. 

Every workflow consist of four aspects:

  • Name: This is the name that you can identify your workflow with. We recommend you to use descriptive titles so its easier to search and find workflows.
  • “When” (triggers): This is the first functional step of a workflow and works as a trigger that sets the workflow in motion. There are different triggers that can be selected and combined.
  • “If” (conditions): With this step you can effectively further define your trigger by adding an extra variable that has to be met in order for the workflow to activate. There are different if conditions that can be selected. You can combine them either in a way that both should be applicable (AND) or in a way where either one should be applicable (OR).
  • “Then” (actions): Actions detail the outcomes that will occur upon successful processing of the rule, which happens when all filters are satisfied.
    • remove label
    • add label to contact
    • remove label from contact
    • change assignee
    • change status
    • reply with message

By combining different ‘when’ and ‘if’ conditions, and by setting different ‘then’ actions, you can automate many tasks that would otherwise take up your team’s time.