How can I take over a locked conversation?

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Take over a locked conversation

“When a user clicks the ‘Reply‘ button in a case, Grasp will grant exclusive handling rights for that case to that specific user to prevent multiple users from inadvertently handling the same case simultaneously.

While this locking mechanism enhances efficiency and productivity among team members, certain situations may require your team to override this setting. The ‘Takeover‘ button allows users to take control of a case that has been locked by its original handler. This button is only accessible to users and administrators who have the necessary permissions to take over.

To set up the takeover permission for an agent, log in to Grasp and navigate to:

Alternatively, click on your initials in the upper-left corner of your inbox, go to ‘Settings‘ then ‘Organization‘ and finally ‘Users.’

On the user settings page, you’ll see a list of all the users in Grasp. Select the user you want and scroll down to ‘User Rights‘ Then, check the box for ‘Allow user to take over a conversation from another user‘ and click ‘Save Changes‘ to confirm.

Once the user has been granted permission to take over cases, they will find the ‘Takeover‘ button in the lower right corner of the case view when entering any locked case. Pressing the button instantly designates the user as the new handler of the case.