What are the WhatsApp Business Limitations?

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WhatsApp Business Limitations

Voor wie is deze feature?

Before you connect your business number...

Before you decide to link your business number to the official WhatsApp API there are some limitations you need to be aware off. 

  • Once moved to the API, you can no longer use that phone number on the WhatsApp Apps (Business or personal)
  • Businesses have 24 hours to respond to customers, after 24 hours have passed the business can only reply to the customer by using a message template, these messages need to be pre-approved by WhatsApp and can be created within Grasp.
  • All template messages must add here to WhatsApp Commerce Policies.
  • WhatsApp Voice calls or Video calls are not supported, (however voice notes are possible)
  • WhatsApp Group messages are not supported
  • WhatsApp Business Catalog is not supported