How to use message templates

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How to set up message templates

For whom is this feature?
Click on your avatar in the top-left corner of the inbox to open the menu. Go to ‘Settings’ and set up convenient message templates for your conversations.

Creating a message template

Go to ‘Productivity’ and choose ‘Message templates’. Click on the plus button at the top to create a template.
  • Normal message template
    • These are templates that you can use for each channel and can be activated immediately.
  • KeyReply message template
    • These are templates meant for WhatsApp and also need to be approved by WhatsApp. This approval process takes approximately 1-5 business days.
Click ‘Normal message template’ to begin.
  • Title
    • Give a name to the template. This is only visible internally.
  • Language
    • What language is the template?
  • Body
    • Enter the template message here. With the variables on the right side, you can personalize the message and, for example, include the name of the contact in the message.
  • Attachment
    • Add an attachment to the message if necessary.
Click on ‘Create template message’ to create the template

Using a message template

When you’re in the inbox in a conversation, you can easily find your created templates in two ways:
  • When you are typing a message, you can use the hotkey # to call up a message template. For example, if your template starts with: ‘Thanks for your question…’, type ‘#Thank you’ and your template will appear immediately.
  • Click on the message icon (place icon here) to open all your templates. It also contains a search function, so you can quickly find the right message.