How to use Conversation Properties

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Where to find the conversation properties?

For whom is this feature?
The conversation properties are located on the right side of your inbox in the Detail panel. Here you link the conversation owner, merge contacts and select labels and properties, among other things.

Conversation owner and status

There are two ways to associate the conversation owner with the conversation: automatically or manually. If you specified in the settings to do this automatically, the conversation owner is added as soon as an agent clicks the conversation. If you indicated you want to do this manually, select the right agent at the top of the column. Below you can also adjust the status of the conversation and use it to pause, handle, close or move the conversation to the trash.

Automatically assign owner

Click on the three dots at the top of the column to set whether the conversation is automatically assigned to an agent or if it is assigned manually. If you want to mark the conversation as a favourite, click on the star icon. Your favourite messages can be found in the left menu of the inbox in the ‘Favourites’ folder.

Add labels

Use the dropdown in the ‘Labels’ field to select a label and add it to the contact. You can add multiple labels per conversation. Learn how to create or change new labels as an admin here.

Add properties

Use the dropdown in the ‘Properties’ field to open a group of properties. Properties are input fields that you as an admin can add to your inbox. Use them for example to give more context to the conversation, like the priority level or the type of support question. How to create and group properties you can read here.

Contact properties

In addition to the conversation properties, you also have specific contact properties per customer. Find out what you can do with these properties in your inbox.