How to use contact properties

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How to use contact properties?

For whom is this feature?

Where do you find the contact properties?

Contact properties are located on the right side of your inbox near the Detail panel. Here you will find contact details, merge contacts and select labels properties at the contact level.

Contact details

Contact details include:

  • The name of the contact
  • The contact’s company account
  • The email address associated with the contact (there may be more than one)
  • Contact phone number

The name and company can be adjusted manually by clicking on the field.

The email address and phone number is automatically recognized by Grasp on first contact. Has the contact previously contacted you with a different email address or phone number? If so, you can merge them.

Merge contacts

Click on the three dots at the top to merge the contact with another contact. A search box opens to find the second contact to merge all data. No data is lost in this process. It is not possible to disconnect contacts from each other. So be careful to select the right contact.

Add labels

Use the dropdown in the ‘Labels’ field to select a label and add it to the contact. You can add multiple labels per contact.

Add properties

Use the dropdown in the ‘Properties’ field to open a group of properties. Properties are input fields that you, as an admin, can add to your inbox. Use them for example to keep track of order numbers, customer IDs or other personal contact information.

Hide contact properties

Clicking on the icon on the right will hide the entire ‘Detail Panel’. This will create more space in the inbox.

Conversation properties

In addition to the contact properties, you also have specific conversation properties per customer. Find out what you can do with these properties in your inbox.