Setting up chatbot flows

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How to set up a chatbot flow?

For whom is this feature?
Click on your avatar in the top-left corner of the inbox to open the menu. Go to ‘Settings’ and set up convenient flows for your WhatsApp conversations.

Creating a chatbot

Go to ‘Automation’ and choose ‘Chatbot flows’. Click on the plus button at the top to create a flow.

  • Choose the WhatsApp channel
    • If you have multiple WhatsApp numbers linked, here you choose the correct number for which you want to use the chatbot with.
  • Chatbot name
    • Give the chatbot a name that is internally recognizable and describes the purpose of the bot. This name is not visible to customers.

Click ‘Finish’ and your chatbot is created. Choose the chatbot name in the left column you just created to set up the flow.

Setting up the flow

Once you select the bot, a screen similar to a WhatsApp conversation opens up. You have the option of working in the ‘Creator’ or the ‘Settings’


This is the first message the customer receives once they send a message. Click ‘Edit’ in the chat bubble to add a welcome title and then an introductory text. After the text, add several options for the customer to choose from to get a response to their question or message. The customer responds with a number (1-8) to choose an option. Then fill in a response for each option to again provide a response to the customer. The number 0 is to allow the customer to go one step back in the flow. The number 9 is to go all the way back to the beginning of the flow. The character @ redirects the customer and the conversation to a staff member.


In the settings, you can automatically edit and rewrite messages to your liking and tone of voice.

  • Chatbot name
    • Change the name of the chatbot here
  • Channel
    • Change the WhatsApp number or add an additional number to the chatbot
  • Default options
    • Adjust or disable the digits 0 and 9 and the character @.
  • Error message
    • Add an error message to the flow.
  • Escalation
    • Forward the call to an agent when an error message is given 1 to 4 times.
    • Give a label to the conversation if necessary

Don’t forget to click ‘Save’ at the bottom.

Are you completely satisfied with your chatbot flow? Then set the slider at the top to: ‘Publish’ and it’s live!