How to set up automation rules

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How to set up automation rules?

For whom is this feature?
Click on your avatar in the top-left corner of the inbox to open the menu. Go to ‘Settings’ and set convenient rules for your conversations.

Create an automation

Go to ‘Automation’ and choose ‘Rules’. Click on the plus button at the top to create a rule.
  • Name
    • Give a name to the rule that is internally clear to understand.
  • Channel
    • Select a channel to which the rule applies, such as email, Facebook or WhatsApp. You can also select multiple channels.
  • Trigger
    • Set a trigger when the rule should go into effect. Choose from:
      • The message arrives outside working hours
      • The message changes from a specific status
    • Plus the number of seconds, minutes, hours, or days after the aforementioned trigger occurred.
  • Message
    • Describe here the message that is sent based on the above trigger.
  • Repeat
    • Choose here whether the automatic message should be repeated or sent only once.
  • Add label to conversationĀ 
    • Set a label that will automatically be associated with the conversation once this rule is activated.
  • Remove current label from the conversation
    • When a label is already associated with the conversation, it is removed when the rule is activated

Click ‘Create automation’ and the rule is live immediately. You can find and edit it in the left column.

At the top right, you can set the Enabled toggle to green if you want to enable it or gray if you want to disable it.