Using folder structure

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How to use the different folders

For whom is this feature?
In the left menu, you will find a number of folders to structure your inbox. Important information to start with: within each folder, you can filter by new, open, pending, handled, closed and deleted messages. You can find these filters at the top of your inbox. You will also immediately see here how many messages there are with that specific status.


In the ‘Inbox’ folder, you have the complete overview of all incoming messages and all support staff linked to the team inbox. Filter on the folder ‘My conversations’ and you will see all messages of which you are the owner.

Replying to

Here are the messages that you are currently answering. Your team members will also see in their inbox that you are actively engaged in these conversations.


Here are the messages you have opened or performed an action with in the past 7 days. With a maximum number of 100 messages.


In the right-hand column within the ‘Conversations’ tab, you can mark a message as a ‘Favourite. You will then find this conversation in this folder.


As soon as you start drafting a message, a draft is automatically placed here. Only when the message is sent, it disappears from this folder again.


All messages you have sent are collected in this folder. So, these are not the messages sent by your team members.

Team views

Here are the teams that you or your manager created. When you select a team view, you again have the ability to filter within your inbox by the status of a message.