How to create conversations, comments and log calls

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New way of composing messages

For whom is this feature?
At the top left of the inbox, use the ‘+’ button to immediately start a new conversation, comment, or conversation note.

New conversation

Start a new conversation immediately, without having to add the contact first.

New comment

If you want to post a quick comment, use this option. Enter your comment, question, or assignment here or tag your colleague. Then find the right contact by clicking on ‘Contact’ and put the comment at the top of the timeline of the contact you just selected.

New log call

When you get a call, you want to be able to log a conversation right away without having to search for the contact you are talking to first. This button takes care of that. Click on the ‘+’ button and type out your conversation note. Afterwards, you can easily find the contact and place the note in the timeline of the contact.

Hide navigation

By clicking on the icon on the right side of the navigation column, you hide the entire column. This will create more space in the inbox.