How to create a View

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How to create a View?

For whom is this feature?

Create a View

As an Admin, you can create one or more teams. A team consists of employees who are responsible for messages that come in through certain channels and are marked with specific labels. These channels are email, live chat, WhatsApp, Facebook, or Instagram.

Click on your avatar in the top-left corner of the inbox to open the menu. Go to ‘Settings‘ and set different team views. Under ‘Organization‘, click ‘Views‘ to manage teams or create one.

New team

Select ‘New Team’ and give the team a name (such as Support or Returns).

  • Channels
    • Choose the channels whose messages should come in on this view. These can be multiple channels.
  • Users
  • Labels
    • Select the labels whose messages should come in to this team.

After setting it up, click ‘Save’ and your view has been created!