Set up Contact properties

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Setting up contact properties

For whom is this feature?

Contact properties

Click on your avatar in the top-left corner of the inbox to open the menu. Go to ‘Settings’ and set different properties for your contacts.

Click ‘Contact properties’ under ‘Custom fields’ and then click the plus button at the top to create a new property.

  • Status
    • Choose ‘Enabled’ to show the property in the detail panel of your inbox. Or ‘Disabled’ to disable it.
  • Property name
    • Choose a straightforward name for the property you want to associate with the conversation. For example, ‘Contact level’
  • Type
    • You have a choice of property field types. 
      • Open text field: for example, for notes
      • Dropdown: so you can attach subcategories to it such as the type of contact (prospect, lead, customer etc.).
      • Link: Add a hyperlink to a website here
      • Attachment: Use this option to add attachments to the contact. Such as a contract.

Once you’ve filled out these options, click ‘Create property’ and it’s ready to go!

Contact property settings

At the top of the left column, you will find the settings for the contact properties. Here you can set different groups to assign the properties to. This gives you more overview and structure in the detail panel of the inbox.