Customise your chat widget

Table of Contents

How to customise your chat widget

For whom is this feature?
Click on your avatar in the upper-left corner of the inbox to open the menu. Go to ‘Settings’ to customise the chat widget. In your settings under ‘Channels’, choose ‘Live chat’ and go to ‘Appearance’.
  • Customise chat window
    • Indicate here with a hex colour code what colour you want to give the chat widget.
    • Choose how big you want the chat widget to be and where (bottom left or bottom right) the widget should be placed on the website.
  • Customise chat badge
    • Upload an image to set as a badge. It should not be larger than 100 KB.
  • Header
    • This is the image that appears in the chat conversation. Place an image of the support person or your logo here.
  • Preview
    • View the chat widget using the preview button at the top and see how the chat badge, form, and chat button will look.
Click ‘Save appearance’ to save your changes.