Add mailbox

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How to add a mailbox

For whom is this feature?

Connect your mailbox

Click on your avatar in the upper-left corner of the inbox to open the menu. Go to ‘Settings’ to create mailboxes within Grasp. Click on ‘Email’ and then choose ‘+Add Mailbox’.
  • Brand
    • Fill in the brand name for which the mailbox is intended
  • Mailbox name
    • Next, give the mailbox itself a name, such as: Brand X – Invoices
  • Email address: 
    • Enter the email address from which the emails should be retrieved/li>
  • Sender name:
    • This is the sender name that the customer sees in the message
  • Signature:
    • Add an email signature
Click ‘Next’ to go to the next step. Here, enter the labels to be associated with the messages in the inbox. Don’t forget to click ‘Save’!